Workshop on Algorithms and Computation - 2010


10-12 February, 2010





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List of Accepted Papers


  1. Patrizio Angelini and Fabrizio Frati. Acyclically 3-Colorable Planar Graphs  (Paper No. 1)
  2. Xiao Zhou, Takashi Hikino and Takao Nishizeki. Small Grid Drawings of Planar Graphs with Balanced Bipartition  (Paper No. 4)
  3. Masashi Kiyomi, Toshiki Saitoh and Ryuhei Uehara. Reconstruction Algorithm for Permutation Graphs (Paper No. 6)
  4.  Takeya Shigezumi, Yushi Uno and Osamu Watanabe. A New Model for A Scale-Free Hierarchical Structure of Isolated Cliques (Paper No. 10)
  5.  Naoki Katoh and Shin-ichi Tanigawa. A Rooted-forest Partition with Uniform Vertex Demand (Paper No. 11)
  6. Guillaume Blin, Sylvie Hamel and Stéphane Vialette. Comparing RNA structures with biologically relevant operations cannot be done without strong combinatorial restrictions (Paper No. 12)
  7. Saverio Caminiti and Rossella Petreschi. Parallel Algorithms for Encoding and Decoding Blob Code (Paper No. 16)
  8. Ming Xu, Liangyu Chen, Zhenbing Zeng and Zhi-bin Li. Real Root Isolation of Multi-Exponential Polynomials with Application (Paper No. 20)
  9. Dintyala Sai Krishna, Sai Shashank, Thirumala Reddy T V and Chandrasekaran Pandurangan. Pathwidth and Searching In Parameterized Threshold Graphs (Paper No. 23)
  10. Carla Binucci, Emilio Di Giacomo, Walter Didimo and Aimal Rextin. Switch-Regular Upward Planar Embeddings of Trees (Paper No. 24)
  11. Christian Bachmaier, Franz J. Brandenburg, Wolfgang Brunner and Ferdinand Hübner. A Global k-Level Crossing Reduction Algorithm (Paper No. 25)
  12. Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed, Masud Hasan and Md. Ariful Islam. Cutting a convex polyhedron out of a sphere (Extended Abstract) (Paper No. 29)
  13. Ling-Ju Hung and Ton Kloks. On Some Simple Widths (Paper No. 30)
  14. Binay Bhattacharya, Arijit Bishnu, Otfried Cheong, Sandip Das, Arindam Karmakar and Jack Snoeyink. Computation of Non-dominated Points using Compact Voronoi Diagrams (Paper No. 31)
  15. Kyriaki Ioannidou and Stavros Nikolopoulos. Harmonious Coloring on Subclasses of  Colinear Graphs (Paper No. 32)
  16. Somnath Sikdar, Neeldhara Misra, Geevarghese Philip, Venkatesh Raman and Saket Saurabh. FPT-Algorithms for Connected Feedback Vertex Set (Paper No. 33)
  17. Jesun Sahariar Firoz, Masud Hasan, Ashik Zinnat Khan and M Sohel Rahman. The 1.375 Approximation Algorithm for Sorting by Transpositions Can Run in $O(n\log n)$ Time (Paper No. 35)
  18. Mingyu Xiao. A Simple and Fast Algorithm for Maximum Independent Set in 3-Degree Graphs (Paper No. 39)
  19. Arijit Bishnu, Sandip Das, Subhas Nandy and Bhargab B. Bhattacharya. A Simple Algorithm for Approximate Partial Point Set Pattern Matching under Rigid Motion (Paper No. 45)
  20. Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed, Md. Mansurul Alam Bhuiyan, Masud Hasan and Ishita Kamal Khan. On Finding a Better Position of a Convex Polygon inside a Circle to Minimize the Cutting Cost (Paper No. 47)
  21. Thirumala Reddy T V, Sai Krishna D and Pandu Rangan C. Variants of Spreading Messages (Paper No. 48)
  22. Etsuji Tomita, Yoichi Sutani, Takanori Higashi, Shinya Takahashi and Mitsuo Wakatsuki. A Simple and Faster Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for Finding a Maximum Clique (Paper No. 55)
  23. Sandeep Sen and Muralidhara VN. The covert set-cover problem with application to Network Discovery (Paper No. 57)


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