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The information and communication revolution has potential to improve productivity and quality of life. On the other side, it has also caused a side effect such as unbalanced of information by a basis of countries, generation and so on. And the Information Access Center (IAC) which is established by the collaboration of Korea and Bangladesh will be a little help toward minimizing it.

IAC is designed to create an environment that the public benefit from IT and to give local inhabitants IT utilization opportunity and to promote IT cooperation between countries.

IAC is a complex facility which includes a computer training room, an Internet Lounge, a seminar room and an office room. Moreover, it is providing the local inhabitants with various IT training program, high speed internet with free access and space for IT seminar and so on.


1   Seminar Room

2   Browsing Room

3   Training Centre


IAC is located at the ground floor of ECE Building of BUET at Polashi.


Bangladesh-Korea Information Access Center (IAC)
ECE Building (Ground Floor)
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)
Phone: 9665650-80 Ext-6438, mobile : 01552-015596
Email: iac@cse.buet.ac.bd