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 Anindya Iqbal (অনিন্দ্য ইকবাল)


  •  Contact:
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
    Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh

  •  Telephone:
  • Office: 880 2 9665650/7109
    Cell: 880 18 6076776

  •  Email: anindya_iqbal AT yahoo DOT com

  •  Homepage:

  •  Research Area:
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  •  Research Interest:
  • Data Mining
    Neural Networks

  •  Academic Background:
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering, 2005
    Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

  •  Selected Publications:
  • Anindya Iqbal, Md. Rashidul Islam, Nishat Bin Islam, and Jalaluddin Mahmud, Design of an Intelligent Information Processing System. In Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT), Bangladesh, December, 2004.

  •  Journal Papers:
  •  Conference Papers:
  • 9. Anindya Iqbal, and M. Murshed, Range-free Passive Localization Using Static and Mobile Sensors. In Proceedings of WoWMoM 2012, San Francisco, USA, 2012
    8. M. Murshed, Anindya Iqbal, T. Sabrina, and Kh. M. Alam, A Subset Coding based k-Anonymization Technique to Trade-off Location Privacy and Data Integrity in Participatory Sensing System. In Proceedings of IEEE NCA, Boston, USA, 2011
    7. Anindya Iqbal, and M. Murshed, Demand-driven Movement Strategy for Moving Beacons in Distributed Sensor Localization. In Proceedings of ICCS, Singapore, 2011
    6. M. Murshed, T. Sabrina, Anindya Iqbal, and Kh. M. Alam, A Novel Anonymization Technique to Trade-off Location Privacy and Data Integrity in Participatory Sensing Systems. In Proceedings of IEEE NSSS, Melbourne, 2010
    5. Anindya Iqbal, and M. Murshed, Attack-Resistant Sensor Localization under Realistic Wireless Signal Fading. In Proceedings of WCNC, Sydney, 2010
    4. Chowdhury Sayeed Hyder, Anindya Iqbal, U. Rosi, and T. Kim, Towards Automated Traffic System using Vehicular Network with Directional Antenna. In Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Future Generation Communication and Networking (FGCN 2008), Sanya, Hainan Island, China, 2008
    3. Md. Shamsuzzoha Bayzid, Anindya Iqbal, Chowdhury Sayeed Hyder, and Mohammad Tanvir Irfan, Application of Artificial Neural Network in Social Computing in the Context of Third World Countries. In Proceedings of In Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2008
    2. Anindya Iqbal, N. Ahmed, and Md. Mostofa Akbar, Directional Antenna Based Connected Dominating Set Construction for Energy Efficient Broadcasting in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks. In Proceedings of ICCEE, Thailand, 2008
    1. Anindya Iqbal, N. Islam, Md. R. Islam, and Md. Z. Mahmud, Design of an intelligent information processing system. In Proceedings of ICCIT, Bangladesh, 2004

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