Academic Information

The departments and institutes of the University are responsible for the academic activities which include teaching, research and industrial consultancy.

The University has introduced the course system for undergraduate studies from the academic session 1990-1991, commencing from October, 1992. Under this system there are two terms in an academic year. Each term provides for a minimum of fourteen instructional weeks. The medium of instruction is English. Students are evaluated on a continuous basis throughout the term.

Postgraduate studies and research are now among the primary functions of the University. Most of the departments and institutes have Masters and PhD programs. Currently, each academic year is divided into two semesters: April Semester and October Semester. For theory courses the number of class-weeks in a semester is fourteen. Research work is evaluated on the basis of the review of thesis/project by peer examiners both from within the University and outside the University.

The teachers of the departments and institutes meet periodically to review the courses and their contents; necessary changes are made to meet the needs and trends from time to time. Course syllabi and ordinances in respect of the academic program of study are prepared by the Academic Council, the highest academic body within the University.