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The library collection consists of over 1,32.000 volumes and 218 current periodical subscriptions covering the subject areas corresponding to the academic programs and activities of the different faculties, centres and institutes. It is growing at the rate of 1500 volumes per year.

1. The main collection consisting of books and monograph is housed in the 3rd floor arranged according to the Dewey decimal Classification number, so that documents on the same or related subjectrs are together. Each of the rows of racks has been posted with an indicative list of subjects of documents in the corresponding row. The central catalogue is divided into author, subjects & titles is also placed in the 3rd floor.
2. The journal collection consists of current journals arranged alphabetically by title, kept in the first floor and bound journals which are arranged by Dewey Decimal classification number on the shelves in the same floor. To get access to them contact the reference desk for assistance.
3. Abstracts and indexes are shelved alphabetically by title on the shelves in the first floor.
4. The reference collection can only be used within the library. It consists mainly of encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, world almanac, manual etc., is housed in the first floor.
5. BUET publications and theses, such as research reports dissertations, project reports, reprints and technical notes are also shelved separately in the first floor.

Reserve collection of text books and course material selected by faculty members are kept “on reserve” behind the circulation desk. These are loaned out for short periods of a few hours to users with special permission from the librarian.

7. Other resources include university catalogue, maps, CDROMs, floppies, tapes and audio-visual material are kept in the first floor. Books having multi-media attachments are kept in the third floor.
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