The research for development of SCORE stove at BUET has reached another successful stage as it became the first SCORE (Stove for Cooking, Refrigeration and Electricity) stove in Asia producing electricity while cooking food. The machine presently is using the popular kerosene burner for heating and is capable of producing 8 Watt of electricity lighting 2 LED lamps while cooking rice and boiling eggs. SCORE stove uses the Stirling engine principle for producing resonance acoustic power utilizing a small fraction of the heat, which is then converted to electricity. The unit can be also used for charging up batteries while producing clean combustion. The stove will be developed to run on burning wood as well.The stove has good potential for low pollution cooking and lighting in commercial as well as domestic sectors of rural Bangladesh. Currently the SCORE stove is being developed according to the needs of potential users of Bangladesh under “SCORE Follow On Project”- a joint research collaboration involving University of Nottingham, BUET and Practical Action Bangladesh. The current project is funded by an EPSRC grant for April 2012 – March 2013. Kathmandu University and Practical Action Nepal are also partners in the regional program. BUET team is lead by Prof. Dr. Md. Ehsan and presently a number of faculty, researchers and staff from the Department of Mechanical Engineering are taking part in the research work at the Heat Engine Laboratory. The 3rd regional project meeting of the group was held at BUET on 18 December 2012. The Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Prof. Md. Refayet Ullah welcomed the participants from UK, Nepal and Bangladesh on the occassion.


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